Rieker Shoes For Women

rieker sandals for woman daisy style womens boots

Reiker is a company that makes shoes for both men and women. While there is a lot to say about variety and style for both genders, so lets take a look at their range of styles and types for Women

Reiker has developed shoes to suit ladies with different personality types and fashion styles. They include:

  1. Elegance

This is a fashion style for ladies that want the look and feel of expensive designer shoes. They will want shoes that are made with high quality material and can be easily accessorized with different bags and clothes. Some of the designs that fit this description include: 50590 Sarah 90 shoe, the D7205 Mila 05 Mary Jane, and a host of other pairs.

  1. Dramatic or theatrical

There are some ladies that like making a fashion statement with their attire. This will also be seen in their choices of shoes. A lady will want shoes that will draw attention to her but still make her feel classy and comfortable with herself. If you are an outgoing type who like to wear boots, then perhaps the Astrid or the , the Lynn are more your style. These boots and shoes are well made and striking at the same time.

  1. Conservative

On the other side of the scale, there are ladies that do not want to draw attention because of their footwear choices. A lady will want to feel comfortable and decent while at the same time have the special feeling that only a well-made designer shoe can bring. Shoes of this nature include: Rieker Anti Stress Shoes, Rieker Vincenza Sandals, daphine black etc. A conservative lady will feel right at home in a Rieker shop.

  1. Casual

There are instances when casual foot wear is required. This can be when on a leisure activity or when on daily personal business. In this case, a lady will want comfort and durability over elegance. Reiker produces an elegant range of sandals, flats, loafers and slip ons which are just perfect for when you want to be comfortable but still exude that look and style.
The good thing about these shoes is that style is not neglected. You will feel very good every time you put them on.

  1. Grunge

This is a fashion style that most young people gravitate towards. It is made up of outrageous designs and exaggerated stitching that is worn to assert a young lady’s individuality. A young lady will want shoes that fulfill this need without compromising on comfort and durability.

  1. Classic

 Rieker Women’s Liv 25 by Remonte Taupe/Clay 40 European


This is a fashion style for a corporate lady. A lady working up the corporate ladder will want shoes that bring out her femininity, are durable and sexy while at the same time very comfortable. Most designers fail at this, but not Rieker.

Reiker shoes should be the only brand in a lady’s wardrobe because all needs and personalities are catered for.