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Rieker is a shoe making company that has been in business for over 130 years. It produces all kinds of shoes for both men and women. This company has gained massive popularity all over the world. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

       1. Wide variety

A person that goes to a rieker store will be blown away by the sheer variety of shoes to pick from. A man will have the options of loafers, sandals, boots, sneakers, flats and athletic shoes. A woman will have the luxury of choosing from a variety of boots, heels, sandals, flats and open shoes. The company is always increasing the variety of  shoes in stock depending on demand.

  1. Durability

Rieker shoes are extremely durable. They can handle all manner of misuse and changes in environment without their stitching and color coming off. Many shoes have low quality stitching so that they can wear out in a short time therefore prompting the owner to get another pair. These extremly comfortable shoes are different in this respect in that they retain their usability for years. This has created a very strong following and an endless list of satisfied customers.

  1. Comfort

Another added benefit of using Rieker shoes is the comfort you get when wearing the shoes. A wearer will not have to carry an extra pair of shoes to change into during the day as is the case with most designer shoes. These shoes are designed with the wearer’s foot in mind. They fit around your foot and are made of material that expands and contracts as the situation demands. The soles are made of shock absorbing rubber that prevents you from feeling bumps when walking on uneven surfaces. You will find a wide selection of styles in rieker men’s shoes and antistress shoes.

  1. Fashion style

It is important for most people to have stylish good looking footwear. Rieker shoes do not disappoint in this respect. Most shoes are very stylish and are bound to get you noticed every time you wear them. There is also a variety of shoes to pick from depending in the occasion. There are shoes for an office setting, shoes for leisure activities, etc.

  1. Company reputation

The company has a very strong reputation for consistently delivering the best quality shoes over many decades. The company has won countless accolades for their products, customer service, global reach etc. Some of them include: IFRA Best Customer Service 2006, Finalist in Drapers Footwear Awards 2006 (Brand of the year), along with others.

  1. Discounts and special offers

To increase customer satisfaction and generate a larger client list, the company offers discounts and special offers on some of their products. This is given to loyal customers and shoppers alike. They are usually prominently displayed in any of their shops for people to take advantage of them.

  1. Wide acceptance

This company has offices and shops in all major countries. The end result is more people using Rieker shoes and proliferation of the brand. The fact that they keep expanding to other countries shows that their business model is working and that their products are satisfactory.

In a nutshell,Rieker shoes should feature prominently in your wardrobe. Once you buy a pair, you will never think of using another brand.

More Information

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